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         Film / Television     Corporate        Music      Voice & Stage Talent

                 Walt Disney Studios                     IBM                    Fiona Apple                  Dylan Bruno

                 Dead Zone Productions       Fidelity Invest.             Sting                      James Naughton

                 Discovery Channel                       GE                   Giacomo Gates            Charles Grodin

                 Fox Television                    Fleetwood Mac            James Earl Jones

                 TLC                                      The Home Depot     Renee Fleming              Joan Lunden

                 Warner Brothers                   Audi  America           Liza Minelli            Christopher Plummer

                 20th Century Fox                     Lilly Pharma                Beck                        Richard Dreyfus

                 Pixar Animation                     Pfizer / Wyeth            Faith Hill                     Lynn Redgrave

                 IMAX Films                                    NBA                    Steely Dan                   Martha Stewart

                 Carpe Diem Film                  Purdue Pharma            Eagles                         Miss Piggy

                 Wilkman Productions           Rehearsal Arts         Flaming Lips                  Mia Farrow

                 Universal Network Tel.          New Media             Toy Matinee               Joey Pantoliano

                 TVBY Fox                                     USTA                        REM                    Christopher Douglas

                 The Weinstein Co.                   NFL Films             Roy Orbison                  Stanley Tucci

                 Soapbox Films                              MLB                  John Fogerty                Raven Symone

                 WWE Films                                                              Amadeus Trio              * Leslie Neilsen

        National Film Board of Canada                            Van Morrison               * Paul Newman

        Lionsgate Entertainment                                    Dianne Reeves               * Eartha Kitt

        JB Films                                                                  Elvis Costello               *Earl Hindeman

        History Channel                                                      Boz Scaggs               * Jason Robards

                                                                                                                                * Richard Kiley

                                                                                                        * In memory of our departed clients and friends

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